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Thank you for considering Heritage. We offer a wide range of exciting classes for students K-12 and also provide a great way for kids to make friends and enjoy the homeschool experience even more. Just as important, Heritage parents appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and the support and information we all share with each other.

To Register for 2017-18 School Year:

  • Download and print the Registration Packet and complete the Registration Checklist found on the second page. Please read the directions carefully.
  • Download, print, and read the Heritage Handbook
  • View and choose classes using the 2017-18 year Classes link above.
  • If you have more than one child, print extra Student Registration forms. You need one for each child taking classes at Heritage.
  • Submit completed forms and checks at registration or by mail.

Registration Packet

Student Registration Forms

Heritage Handbook  


Add/Drop Form  (only for use after initial registration is complete)


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